About Us

CLARUMAH INVESTMENT   is fully licensed company for disposing of your collected waste. We are licensed and certified to perform a wide variety of marine cleaning and transportation services in Kenya. We offer the following services;

                         - Scrap metals

                         -Garbage collection

                         - Mulling ropes and other ship contractors’ services.

CLARUMAH INVESTMENT is committed to protecting the health of our marine environment and therefore promotes and supports that;


  1. All aspects of Marine environment and foster safe navigation
  2. Comply with all the environmental legislation and regulations that are required by the law, all relevant standards and other requirements that we subscribe to the prevention of Marine pollution.


We would be grateful to be considered as your service provider for the above mentioned services and wish to inform you that we shall abide by your company rules and regulations as pertain to environmental legislations that are required by the law.

   We look forward to signing a contract with your company and to have a mutual and beneficial business with you.